शौनक उवाच :
अजानधवानतिवधवंसकोिटसूयरसमपभ ।
सुताखयािह कथासारं मम कणररसायनम् ॥४॥

Saunaka Said:
Soothaakhyaahi katthaasaaram mama karnnarasaayanam.

Oh the great scholar and omniscient who is splendorous like ten million suns capable to remove any massive ignorance of the entire universe you please narrate to me and to us the sacred and holy story which become the ambrosia to our ears.

This means that if we hear the stories of Lord Sri Krishna Bhagawan our ears and thereby we ourselves will become eternal and immortal.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Four

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