शुकं नतवावदन सवे सककायरकुशलाः सरुाः ।
कथासुधां पयचछसव गृहीतववै सुधािममाम ॥१४॥

Sukam nathwaa vadhan sarvve swakaaryakusalaah suraah
“Katthaasuddhaam prayachchaswa griheethwaiva suddhaamimaam.”

The gods of heaven who were so smartly and cunningly selfish motivated worshiped and offered their devout obeisance to the most noble saint Suka Brahmarshi and humbly requested him to accept the pot full of ambrosia and in turn exchange them the great Sreemad Bhagawatha Purana.

Here the logical argument of the gods of heaven was that the ambrosia can provide immortality to Pareekshit Maha Raja and thereby any poison inflicted to him by snake bite can be removed easily.  And in a pure materialistic view Pareekshit could have saved his material life by having a drop of ambrosia and Suka Brahmarshi can possess the entire ambrosia forever.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Fourteen

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