सूत उवाच
पीितः शौनक िचते ते होते विचम िवचायरच ।
सवरिसदानतिनषमनं संसारभयनाशनम् ॥९॥

Sootha Said:
Preethih Saunaka, chiththe the hyatho vachmi vichaarya cha
Sarvva sidhddhaanthanishpannam samsaarabhayanaasanam.

Having conceived, convinced and seen that you have utmost interest to hear, listen and learn the divine, sacred, pure and virtuous stories deep inside your conscientious mind I will think very deep and analyze hard and explain the most useful philosophical and systematic principles to erase and eliminate your apprehensions and fears intermingled and inflicted within this material universe.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Nine

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