इह घोरे कलौ पायो जीवाशचासुरतां गतः ।
कलेशाकानतसय तसयवै शोधने िकं परायणम् ॥६॥

Iha ghore kalaw praapthe jeevaschaasurathaam gathah
Klesaakraanthasya thasyaiva soddhane kim paraayanam?

As horrible impending Kali Yuga has inflicted the universe it is now filled with evil minded devilish species and the entire species of the universe are now deeply immersed in perilous and destructive distresses and sorrows.  What is the way out to get rid of these distressful conditions?  Please provide us with your valuable, sacred and pious advices to resolve such distressful conditions.

There are four named ages.  They are 1) Kritha Yuga or Satya Yuga in which Parasu Rama was the incarnation of the ten incarnations (Desavatharas), 2) Thretha Yuga in which Sri Rama was the incarnation, 3) Dwapara Yuga in which Sri Krishna was the incarnation and 4) Kali Yuga in which Khalki or Khadki was the incarnation.  We will narrate about this in detail later on under Manwanthara Varnanam including the other unnamed ages and of the time measurements.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Six

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