कव सुधा कव कथा लोके कव काचः कव मिणमरहान ।
बहारातो िवचायैवं तदा देवातजहास ह ॥१६॥

Kwa suddhaa! Kwa katthaa! Loke kwa kaachah kwa manirmmahaan
Brahmaraatho vichaaryaivam thadhaa dhevaaajnjahaasa ha.

Sri Suka Brahmarshi satirically laughed, at the gods of heaven, conceiving that how worthless and meaningless is this ambrosia when compared to Sreemad Bhagawatham, this most valuable and the most beneficial and most useful to both material as well as spiritual lives all the three worlds of the universe.  Ambrosia is like a worthless piece of hard useless rock and Sreemat Bhagawatham is like the most valuable gem whose boundless value can never be determined.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Sixteen

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