भकतयोवधरनं यचच कृषणसंतोषहेतुकम ।
तदहं तेऽिभधासयािम सावधानतया शृणु ॥१०॥

Bhakthyoghavardhddhanam yachcha Krishnasanthoshahethukam
Thadhaham theabhiddhaasyaami saavaddhaanathayaa srinu.

Oh the great Sage! I am going to narrate to you the principles which will steadily increase your interest and devotion towards Lord Sri Krishna Bhagawan and also which would steadily and constantly increase boundless pleasures and comforts for your mind and intelligence.  Please listen to my discourse very carefully and most attentively.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Ten

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