परीिकते कथां वकुं सभायां संिसथते शुके ।
सुधाकुमभं गृहीतववै देवासतत समागमन ॥१३॥

Pareekshithe katthaam vakthum sabhaayaam samstthithe suke
Suddhaakumbham griheethwaiva dhevaasthathra samaagaman.

In the past when Sri Suka Brahmarshi was seated and was ready to explain these noble, pure and divine stories to Sri Pareekshit Maha Raja, the entire gods of heaven came to that same auditorium and brought with them pot full of ambrosia, that is with the entire ambrosia they had in possession at heaven, and seated there.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Thirteen

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