एकदा िह िवशालायां चतवार ऋषयो‍ऽमलाः ।
सतसगंआथर समायाला ददशुसतत नारदम् ॥२५॥

Ekadhaa hi visaalaayaam chathwaara rishayoamalaah
Sathsangaarthttham samaayaathaa dhadhrisusthathra Naaradham.

Once when these four great sages, Sanakas, were walking near the town called Visala (Visala Puram) with the intention of meeting with sacred and divine great sages of the world to discuss and debate and provide discourses of the sacred stories of the great Master of the universe Lord Sri Maha Vishnu in order to improve virtuous activities in the universe which would be the most useful and beneficial for all and every living being, they suddenly noticed that the great heavenly sage Narada appeared in front of them.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Twenty Five

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