सूत उवाच
अत ते कीतरियषयिम भिकयुकं कथानकम् ।
शुकेन मम यतपोकं रहः िशषयं िवचायर च ॥२४॥

Sootha said:
Athra the keerththayishyaami bhakthipushtam katthaanakam
Sukena mama yeth proktham rahah sishyam vichaarya cha.

Suka Brahmarshi had advised this great Sreemad Bhagawatham to me considering and targeting me as a singleton disciple.  And I will also advise you these great and sacred stories of Sreemad Bhagawatham which would definitely improve and would steadily increase your devotion towards Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.  Please listen carefully with full concentration to these ever fresh and immortal divine stories which I would narrate straight away.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Twenty Four

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