यदिप बहसमबनधाचछुतमेततसुरिषरणा ।
सपाहाशवणािविधः कुमारसैतसय भािषतः ॥२२॥

Yedhyapi Brahmasambanddhaachchruthamethath surarshinaa
Sapthaahasravanaviddhih Kumaraisthasya bhaashithah.

Though Narada had already heard and understood of the greatness of this divine text in the past directly from his father Brahma Deva, Narada was able to understand and grasp in its entirety the most supreme serene and sacred and divinest benefit of listening Sreemat Bhagawatham in seven days within the prescribed norms.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Twenty Two

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