यं पवजनतमनुपेतमपेकृतयं दैपायनो िवरहकातर आजुहाव ।
पुतोित तनमयतया तरवोऽिभनेदुसतं सवरभूतहदयं मुिनमानतोऽिसम ॥२॥

Yam pravrajanthamanupethamapethakrithyam
Dhwaipaayano virahakaathara aajuhaava
Puthrethi thanmayathayaa tharavoabhinedhu-
Stham sarvabhoothahridhayam munimaanathosmi.

I worship, pray and offer my humble obeisance to the most divine self realized soul Sri Suka Brahmarshi, who in the past renounced the material life and went away after fully renouncing all family and material relationship as a true mendicant and was a great scholar and was the most self realized soul and when that great scholarly self realized soul was called aloud and at length by his father Vyasa Bhagawan with most hearty and affectionate love towards his son and with heart breaking pain of separation of his son as oh my beloved son, Nandana! And with that long, loud and painful cry even the trees responded to the call with melted hearts.  I worship, pray and offer my humble obeisance to Sri Suka Brahmarshi who is the universal soul and heart.

We will be reading very many interesting stories evidencing the greatness of this scholarly self realized divine soul Sri Suka Brahmarshi. But just for an immediate reference let me quote one incident. Once when Veda Vyasa was following his son Suka Brahmarshi, a group of celestial nymphs were taking bath naked in a lotus pool. When the young Suka Brahmarshi who was fully naked as he was a mendicant who fully renounced of material life passed through the celestial nymphs were not bothered and distracted. But when Vyasa Bhagawan who was fully clad with saffron clothing approached them they immediately covered themselves. Vyasa Bhagawan asked them the reason for their apprehension to face him naked. The celestial nymphs answer was that Suka Brahmarshi is truly beyond all the material beauty and of senses and conquered self consciousness whereas Vyasa was still not able to conquer materialistic life and the self consciousness. And of course Suka Brahmarshi was the one who was unanimously selected by Brahma Deva, All the Seven Sages, All Heavenly bodies, Other Great Rishis, Other Great Scholars of Self Realized Souls, etc. as the most suitable and knowledgeable scholar to advise this Sreemad Bhagawatham to Sri Pareekshit Maha Raja in order for him to be liberated from this material life in seven days.

Sreemad Bhagawatha Mahatmyam – Chapter Two

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